New glasses, new apartment…

I feel as if it’s practically a new life. Except I still have my tests to study for and syllabi that I haven’t read. Hm.

Today I picked up the keys to our new apartment! It’s a 3 BR, 2 BA, which is going to be awesome. It’s closer to school and right next to the art museum and a park, which is fantastic in so many ways. N & I aren’t moving in until after exams, but we are quite excited. The building we’re living in is almost castle-like. The architecture is rather unique, just in terms of all the little nooks and places to curl up (like the alcove in our staircase!). It just has kind of the feel of those movies where people are vacationing or living in Europe, and it’s lovely.

Also picked up my new glasses today. These are the frames that I got, which look pretty adorable in real life, actually. (I think the picture looks sort of severe.) It’s hipster-ish, but not actually hipster, because hipster glasses are ridiculously mainstream these days. :P I think my degree of astigmatism likely has changed because it actually hurts how well I can see now.


Went to the optometrist Wednesday

Got an eye exam & bought glasses. My current glasses… well. They suffered a few unfortunate incidents in their lifetime and the arm had fallen out of the socket a while back and I kind of just stuck it back in, but it’s gotten looser and I felt it was time. It actually came out to $110-ish, and rarely am I quite so happy to still be kind of reliant on the parents than when things like vision insurance comes into play. (Also, not having to pay a cell phone bill. >.>)

I’m kind of hoping that these will last for a while. :-/ The optometrist said that my near-sighted-ness hadn’t really changed, but he wasn’t sure about my astigmatism b/c I didn’t bring in my glasses – it’s still mild to moderate, though, so I think if it had changed it would be very slight. But anyway, if my prescription hasn’t really changed in the last 2 years, hopefully it won’t change in the next 2 years – or perhaps longer. :-/

A funny thing happened today: I got a LJ comment. Which in itself is perhaps not odd, as I do, indeed, have a Livejournal. but it was a post I had made over 3 years ago at this point, and they said they found it via Google. So… apparently, if you search Google for “banana bread toaster oven,” the first thing that comes up is a bakebakebake post that I made a long time ago on the subject of baking banana bread & carrot cake. (I assume that’s just because not all that many people use toaster ovens to bake. DON’T KNOW WHY.)

It was rather nostalgic to read over the entry. Frosting with chopsticks! (<3!) & this was back when P’s favorite baked good was carrot cake before I ruined her for anything but my Triple Chocolate Cheesecake *evil laugh*! It just seems so long ago. I don’t know that I feel like a different person, but, MAN. THREE YEARS. It’s a lot. (I rather miss living in a dorm, to be honest.)

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time in Starbucks, studying. Both home and school have gotten increasingly distracting, so I just take myself to a café & force myself not to take out my computer. It works a lot better than pretending I’m just “checking my email quickly” or whatever thing will end up distracting me for three hours. There are just 2 weeks left until the end of school, and I can quite honestly and earnestly say that I’m very much looking forward to summer.

My computer is being sulky.

It is very odd indeed, as it works completely fine when I am at home but when I am at a coffee shop or café, etc., trying to get work done in a locale that is not 1. home or 2. school (because I have seriously gotten so tired of both those locations and I can’t stand it anymore), it is slow as… I don’t know, Windows 97. The only thing I can think of as the cause is perhaps the fan that I have my laptop sitting on constantly at home but that is a bit too bulky for me to carry it elsewhere. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem very likely. But I am unsure what else it could be.

Also, WHO KNEW that there was a right way & a wrong way to make your bed with 400-thread count sheets? (Now I know. It is LOVELY.)

These past few weeks I have been listening to “A Rush Of Blood To the Head” in the car on repeat. Just the song, not the album. That is the kind of month (or so) it has been. :-/


It has been almost 3 months. 2.5 months (give or take about 5 days), as my last post was March 9. My fail was due to many a factor: my last post was from the week right before exams, followed by spring break, followed by a few months of only one computer. And… then I have no excuse, as I finally wiped my computer & installed Windows 7 something like 2 weeks ago.

It has really been extraordinarily busy, though. These are some things that happened:

  • Visited Boston & NYC; saw people, watched Avenue Q, had an overall smashing time.
  • Started Brain & Behavior (the class). Not doing fantastically, but not doing poorly either. Am really just losing motivation to work. Worst time for it.
  • Signed a lease for next year! N & I are moving into this awesome 3 BR/2 BA apt together. Amazing skylight, lots of space, closer to school, next to a park, near the art museum! I’m excited!

    Monday I’m being tested on the Patient Exam! I know how to DO all of it, I think, but it’s still scary & I just hope I don’t forget major things that will make them dock me points! D:

    3 more weeks of school! I will probably continue that meme from way back when at some point. >.> *stragglermemesheep*

    Day 13: Somewhere I would like to move or visit


    Europe in general, but especially London, Paris, basically all of Italy (I blame the amazing cinematography in The Talented Mr. Ripley at least in part for that)… Greece… Um. Yes… practically, it would probably be just to visit. But it would be amazing to live somewhere in Europe for at least a few months at some point in my life. I would like to say that is my only regret from my undergraduate years – that I never did a summer abroad.

    Link of the Day: A cancer patient who ended his life through Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act connects with people via Reddit. I cried.

    Day 12: Bullet my Whole Day

    Sorry for my lack of posting. :-/ My laptop has been really slow, & I’m planning on reformatting it and installing Windows 7 – as I probably should have a long time ago. But that is going to wait until after exams & in the meantime I am going to use my school laptop & my Kindle.

    So today went thus:
    (2:45-ish – go to sleep. I count it a success when I fall asleep with the light off & nothing easily damage-able on my lap/within easy reach on my bed.)

    • 09:00 – Alarm goes off; I hit it & go back to sleep for 30 min
    • 09:40 – Roll out of bed & rush through morning routine
    • 09:50 – Leave for school
    • 10:15 – Arrive just in time for peer teaching. Realize how much anatomy I don’t know
    • 11:35 – Finished w/ peer teaching, wash hands & go have lunch (leftover chicken saag!) while studying for Clinical Reasoning Quiz
    • 13:15 – Class – an extremely interesting topic, less interesting discussion – par for the course, really. The quiz tested mnemonics, which I find ridiculously stupid.
    • 15:15 – SO HUNGRY. Ate a Luna bar (White Chocolate Macadamia!)
    • 15:30 – Biochemistry Tutoring; not sure if I’m screwed (b/c I’m really behind) or OK (b/c I’ve had a lot of the genetics before, at least)
    • 16:45 – Change to go work out & go work out
    • 17:45 – Shower
    • 18:10 – Leave school
    • 18:30 – Shop at Whole Foods
    • 19:30 – Cook dinner! (Sauteed cod & spinach salad w/ peanut vinaigrette)
    • 20:00 – GLEEEEEEE
    • 21:00 – Catch up on Face Off
    • 21:45 – Start watching Scrubs (season 3). Also, INTERNETS WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MEEEEE

    The topic for Clinical Reasoning this week was sex & sexuality. (Weird coincidence that Glee did their “Sexy” episode the same week.) Like I said, interesting topic. But then they gave us a list of discussion questions like, “Did your PCP ever talk to you about sex? What were your parents’ attitudes about sex?” And while it was actually pretty interesting to hear about people’s experiences, and cool that so many of my classmates had progressive parents that were really up-front about the topic, I didn’t really have anything to contribute and… yeah. :-/

    And then I got kind of pissy after class because one of my friends was talking about how despite everything she still kind of thinks homosexuality is morally wrong (talking about how she wouldn’t take her children to a gay doctor). And that wasn’t something that I expected from someone who I think is otherwise cool and open-minded. (Because considering that we’re in the Midwest, I would consider UC fairly progressive. Maybe it’s because 2 of our professors are gay & together.) (& she has talked about how she needs a gay friend previousl, which now just confuses me even more and bothers me a little, too.)

    But it’s not really for me to decide what she should and shouldn’t believe in (with regards to this stemming from her religious beliefs), even if I disagree. And I am happy that she is seriously thinking about this aspect of her beliefs and how it fits with the rest of her world view and experiences rather than just following what she was taught by her church or her parents, etc.

    And I think the only thing I can conclude from this whole discussion, really, is that I was lucky to grow up as I did so that I was exposed to a wide variety of peoples & cultures. And I would like to think I’m open-minded & all, but I’m sure I have areas for improvement, too.

    Day 11: Put Your iPod on Shuffle

    Day 11: Put Your iPod on Shuffle. What are the 10 songs that come up?

    1. The Chorallaries of MIT – High: One of my favorite songs ever. Makes me giggle a bit (come on, “some day we’re gonna get so high”?), but it’s really uplifting. At first I didn’t like the girl singing so much, but I think it actually works much better than the MBlaisse version. Though <3 MBlaisse.)
    2. Glee Cast (Lea Michele) – Take a Bow: Love the melancholy of this (version of this) song. But I don’t think I’ve actually listened to the original in its entirety – it’s Beyonce, maybe?
    3. Original Broadway Cast (Kristin Chenoweth) – Popular: :D This is the first thing I think of whenever anyone says “popular.” [/Soundtrack in my head]
    4. The Chorallaries of MIT – Hot Air Balloon: My favorite Owl City Song, only improved by the a cappella arrangement. Also a good friend is the one singing. (& I can’t find a YT video.)
    5. Younha – Houki Boshi: Ending song for Bleach (the anime). Really cheerful!
    6. Franz Ferdinand – What She Came For: Love the rock feel & the great beat. I think Franz Ferdinand kind of fell out of the spotlight after their second album (everyone’s heard of Take Me Out, but I don’t know that that many people know who did it). Tonight: Franz Ferdinand (which is what this is from) is good, & I’m looking forward to the album they’re said to be releasing in 2011.
    7. The Working Title – Beloved: I’ve loved this song since high school – this is actually from one of the American Pie movie soundtracks. I don’t know that I can pinpoint any one thing that I like about the song… just that I do?
    8. Owl City – Rainbow Veins: I adore Owl City. Their songs always have great melodies & lyrics – just the right amount of whimsy for me. Also, they sing about the West Coast. :)
    9. Maroon 5 – Through With You: The first Maroon 5 song I ever heard. No longer my favorite, really, but I still like it a lot. “Simple love with a complex touch” is one of my favorite lines. (I feel like the HP fandom is to blame for my liking this song, but can’t remember why.)
    10. Glee Cast (Lea Michele) – My Life Would Suck Without You: Also pretty cheerful. & Another Glee song for which I’m not sure if I ever listened to the original. (Kelly Clarkson?)

    To download (or buy) songs, go here.

    …was going to do Day 12, too, but 1. my day today is boring as it is a Sunday & 2. that took much longer than I thought it would.

    (Also, tell me if links don’t work! I think I checked all of them…)

    Link of the Day: Fascinating video on sounds in movies! (More specifically, the art of the Foley artist, which I hadn’t even heard of before this video.)